Painted Bison Rawhide Purse

Product Description

This purse combines both art with fashion. It was made using the traditional materials and methods of the Native American's but in the contemporary form and style of a modern purse. The purse is made from Bison rawhide that was made by hand using the same traditional methods as the Native Americans. It was painted with earth pigments mixed with hide glue and applied with sharpened sticks and buffalo rib bone brushes. The paint is sealed with prickly pear cactus juice.

The sides are hand stitched with brain tanned deer hide lace. The closure utilizes two matching deer antler tip buttons. The strap is made from braided buffalo rawhide covered with brain tanned deer. The strap cover is sewn with elk back strap sinew.

The strap is 21” and the dimensions of this purse are 12”x 5”x 3”.

Hand scraped Bison rawhide is only available today in very limited quantities. This is a one of a kind piece and is signed by the artist Keri DeWitt.

Check out my blog at Keri DeWitt Designs and Wind River Trading Company Face Book for more information.