Buckskin Shirts

Product Description

Brain tanned leather has been used for clothing for centuries. It is superior in quality to all commercial leather. It is stronger, breathes better, doesn't pick up body odor, and can be washed in the washing machine with a mild detergent. Of course you must remove any decorations before washing.

The shirt displayed here is an example of what can be made to order. It is made from brain tanned deer and hand laced. There is six inch hand twisted fringe over each shoulder and under both arms.

You can order the shirt by itself or with various types of decoration. The shirt shown has two neck flaps, one on the front and back made from red wool trade cloth, 8/0 pony beads, and horse hair drops. The bead work is sewn on with real elk sinew. This shirt is also shown with the "leg" strips, two on the front and two on the back. These have very short 1" fringe and 1" fringe cut around the bottom of the shirt.

Also shown are optional beaded strips. These or similar types can be made. Please contact me directly for customization. All bead work is done with 8/0 pony beads in traditional colors and sewn with real elk sinew.

The price is for a shirt like the one displayed. If you need XXL or more or less decorations, the price will be different.

This item requires 4-6 weeks delivery. Items may vary from what is pictured depending on the character of the leather and decorations.

Check out my blog at Keri DeWitt Designs and Wind River Trading Company Face Book for more information.